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Travelling with children to Southern Africa is en vogue.
Because the country on the Cape offers everything that makes for a successful holiday for young and old:
No time shift and for the kids a playground of superlatives.
Endless beaches to build sandcastles on, dolphins, whales, sharks and seals up close.

You want to conquer the Cape as a family-friendly destination with kids and teenagers alike?
Then travel with the right equipment.....


  • ideal travel preparation for parents and children
  • current & comprehensive travel tips
  • Entry requirements & security rules
  • With individual extra tips for an unforgettable family holiday
  • Info-Motion: Information & emotional writing, as if you were there yourself
  • Ethnographic info boxes
  • Adventure & Adrenalin
  • animal welfare
  • substaintibility
  • LGTBQ+


Astrid Mohné is a German ethnologist and travel journalist.

Born in Aachen, studied ethnology,
Spanish and Psychology in Munich.

Research Fellowship for Ethnology at the “La Sapienza” University in Rome, where she worked intensively on the topic “Dolphins in Ancient Cultures”
Research and shooting in Italy for the multi-part documentary “Dolphinstories”
Numerous reports for the “Südafrika-Magazin” and the “America-Journal”, Hamburger Abendblatt, DB Mobil, Clever Reisen.

  • 1995 Publication „DerRegenbogendelphin“ (The rainbow dolphin“ (children and youth book), Rasch und Röhrig publishing house
  • Since 1996 working as a freelance writer and journalist with a focus on Southern Africa for various print media
  • 1999 Founding of Multi Culti Press, with which she has also been publishing since 2008
  • Since 2016 member of the Writers Room in Hamburg, the only workspace for literary writers in Europe
  • 2017-2018 Lecturer for migrants at the Academy of Economics (WAK) Schleswig Holstein
  • 2018-2019 Training to become a photojournalist



“Travelling with children in South Africa.” Ideal guide for trips with kids to the Cape.



“Safe travel with children in South Africa.” Travel guide for families.



„With the wild animals by you. Léon’s adventures in South Africa.“ Children's book



“The Rainbow Dolphin” His fantastic journey between dream and reality.“
Children's and youth book

Further destinations in Africa are planned with the new book series "Familienflüstern".

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Books selection

„Reisen mit Kindern in Südafrika.“

Reiseführer, Reisen mit Kindern in Südafrika.

NEU 2017 - Reisen mit Kindern in Südafrika. Ein Reiseführer für Familien.

„Mit den wilden Tieren per Du"

Buchtitel, mit den wilden Tieren per Du.

Léons Abenteuer in Südafrika.

„Der Regenbogen-Delphin“

Buchcover, Der Regenbogen-Delphin

„Der Regenbogen-Delphin“

This unusual book tells the thrilling adventures of an extraordinary dolphin who is trying to save his fellow dolphins, which are threatened by human behaviour, from extinction. It combines sensitive, exciting storytelling with reliable information about one of the most fascinating animal species.

People from all eras and cultures have described the dolphin as something unique, as a creature that radiates joy, love and spontaneity. For the ancient Mediterranean cultures, the intelligent marine mammals symbolised health, happiness, speed and strength. The Greeks worshipped the dolphin as a divine creature, and killing it was punishable by death. In Roman mythology, sea creatures played an important role as companions and messengers of gods, demigods and heroes. The popularity of dolphins has not changed to this day. The playful marine mammals are highly popular with most people; they are attributed exclusively positive characteristics. But in recent years, the threat to dolphins has increased significantly. The once sacred animals are now endangered by marine pollution, ruthless fishing methods and abuse in dolphinaria. However, the cinema film "Free Willy" and documentary television programmes have contributed significantly to the fact that dolphinaria are now viewed more critically by the public. The former dolphin trainer of "Flipper", Ric O'Barry, criticises that caging dolphins is an "abuse of nature" and that visitors are given a "false education". In addition to electronic media, literature that is also read and understood by children and young people can help to spread the necessary knowledge about dolphins. The author and publisher also want to arouse interest and understanding for dolphins among children, young people and adults who are young at heart and, in particular, draw attention to the threat posed to these marine mammals by human behaviour. In contrast to specialised and non-fiction books, stories and novels on the subject of dolphins, this book combines the different literary forms. The information about dolphins is presented with factual knowledge, imagination and humour, so that readers have the opportunity to learn new and interesting facts about dolphins in a playful and enjoyable way. Important terms and explanations about marine mammals are highlighted in italics in each chapter and explained in a dictionary in the appendix of the book.


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Reisen mit Kindern in Südafrika.
Astrid Mohné mit Kindern in Südafrika
Safari in Südafrika

What makes the book special?

FAMILIENFLÜSTERN is the world's first family travel guide, dedicated exclusively to the topic of travelling with children in South Africa.
In addition to in-depth information, there are many individual extra tips for an unforgettable family holiday, with which parents and grandparents can discover the country and its people in a relaxed and safe way.
With 352 colour-pictured pages, the book offers a nice setting for a successful family-friendly holiday and is excellent for travel planning and staying on site.
Let yourself be surprised by the author's description of the very personal safari highlights, stories and anecdotes.
With the new book series FAMILY WHISPERING tips and tricks about Southern Africa, their aim is to continue to whisper to other parents.



The new travel guide individually for families.

This travel guide is a successful potpourri of ideal guide & close-up reports.
ISBN: 978-3-940941-03-9
EUR 24.99
US$ 27.23
for 352 pages

Book tip: “HOT TRAVEL”

Astrid Mohné’s guide “Traveling with kids in South Africa” explains how to prepare for a holiday with the whole family in Southern Africa. Experts have their say here as well as young travellers. Readers will get tips on the most beautiful sights and restaurants.

Reiseführer 2017, Reisen mit Kindern in Südafrika, individuell für Familien.
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